15 Identity Theft Warning Signs

There are many things that could indicate that you may have a problem with someone stealing your identity.

Here are 15 of the biggest indicators:

1. You notice unusual activity in one of your checking or savings accounts.
2. You see unusual charges on one of your credit card or debit card statements.
3. Some regular monthly bills or other mail stops arriving in your mailbox.
4. You get a phone call from a debt collector.
5. One of your credit reports shows an account that you think isn’t yours.
6. You receive a bill or statement from a medical provider that you have never gone to.
7. Your health insurance company sends you details about a medical claim that you didn’t make.
8. You receive an email or letter notifying you that you changed your account details.
9. You lost your laptop or other computer.
10. The Internal Revenue Service or your state tax authority contacts you.
11. There is a serious data breach at a financial organization you belong to.
12. You discover your computer has some serious malware on it, and it may have been there for a while.
13. You get arrested or questioned by the police about something you weren’t involved with.
14. Your purse or wallet was stolen or lost.
15. Someone broke into your home and you lost financial or personal documents.

Just because you notice one of these things happening to you doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is, or has, taken your identity. These are just some of the most common indicators.

We explore more of these in detail at our ID Detection page at IdentityTheftHelp.com/Detection


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